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Special Events and Business


I was so excited about this post because I believe that this tip will help a lot of people in all types of businesses. We recently attended an event in which we had an absolute blast. So much so that I’ve been singing it’s praises everywhere. The event focus was on business, fitness and networking.  My take away from this event was profound and it expanded my view of events. I’ve always had a love for events and the creative thought process behind event design. I truly believe that designing an event allows people to create fascinating works of art and pleasure for others. Every time that we attend an event doesn’t matter what kind whether it’s a wedding, a concert, sporting event, conference or a birthday celebration it creates a memory and an experience.What I didn’t realize is the effect that events have on the brand  of the entity hosting the event and how this effect can either help or harm the business.

Businesses have an incredible advertising tool that will create a ripple effect. When I left that networking conference I had such a positive experience that I shared with everyone who I came in contact with. What if each of the 1500 attendees did the same? With the various social media tools out there to share information this information could reach millions. I couldn’t at first understand why these fortune 500 hundred companies who help sponsor this event spent so much money on just 1500 people and then it hit me. If each attendee just told 10 people about this event and the experiences they had there 15,000 people would now know or talk about that company.

After doing research I found a study by the Event Marketing Research Institute that proved people share their experiences-both positive or negative-with others. The key is to put on an attention grabbing event that leaves participants feeling good. If the attendees have a positive experience at your event they will more than likely talk up your product or brand to many others.

We will continue this discussion next Monday when we talk more on how effective events can be for your business as well as tips on creating a positive experience for your guest.

We would love your feedback. Let us know about an event attended that shaped your mind in using a service or product?

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