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Special Events and Business Part 2


Last monday we discussed why businesses should incorporate events in their marketing plans. Today we would like to cover just how effective special events are and what you can expect if attendees have a positive experience. Below are results from a survey given by the Event Marketing Institute that measured the viral impact of events.  These numbers are eye openng and it reveals the reach of events is three times more than the actual attendance.

EMI Top Executive Insights

1.  98% of those exposed to a product will recommend that product to others after a positive experience

2. 95% also tell others when they have a negative experiences(62% will tell four or more people about negative experiences with a brand or product)

3.  78% told friends and family about the event

4.  90% within two days of the event

5. 69% mentioned the sponsor of the event

6.  85% felt positive about the company or brand once the event was over

7.  90%  attended with someone else

8. 92% are willing to give feedback at events if it is tied to an incentive

These results reveal the need for live events as a brand building, strategic marketing platform and the power of word of mouth from these events.

We would love your feedback. Let us know about an event attended that shaped your mind in using a service or product?

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  1. 09/27/2011 11:59 am

    There are many events that have shaped my mind regarding products and services. If an event is professional and provides great customer service it is more likely that I will consider investing in the products being advertised.
    Negatives experiences are a turn off and it is tough to overcome it, even when the products are good quality.
    Great information, thanks for sharing.

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